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  • How to link to your money sites and blog posts to give them a huge boost in the SERPs.

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When I first heard about WP Blog Rocket from Sean, I was captivated by the concept and it would have fitted perfectly into some of my SEO campaigns for clients running WordPress. And so I decided to pick it up and see for myself what it’s worth. Then I thought why not share my review with all of you.

It was looking good even before knowing anything about the actual plugin itself… why?

It’s Because I have have a very good experience with Sean’s products in the past and especially WP Profit Builder. I know that this guy doesn’t put out garbage tools and software. And most importantly, I know he does what he preaches.

What is WP Blog Rocket Exactly?

WBR is basically a content marketing WordPress plugin. It provides you with all the info and tools you need to leverage the power of content marketing and increase your traffic. Sounds a bit techy eh?

Let me try to break it down for you:

Content marketing drives what I consider hands down one of the best types of traffic out there. These are people who fall in love with your content and are automatically converted to a “tribe” when you know what you’re doing. A by product of this are higher rankings in Google especially, but other search engines follow too. In fact, content marketing could be considered the only kind of white hat SEO (technically, only when performed to gain visitors and engagement and not to manipulate search results).

That’s easier said than done… until now that is.

There are multiple challenges that you will encounter if you try to go this route:

  • How to know what kind of content my target audience is looking for?
  • How to come up with new topics consistently without having to spend days researching?
  • How to Keep an eye on what’s being published out there consistently?
  • How to work efficiently on the actual content?
  • How to come up with an engaging title that’s guaranteed to make an impact and go viral?
  • How to optimize my content for the best of both worlds: Social and SEO?

Then after you got your piece of content together, you will be faced with the following challenges:

  • How to structure my layout for maximum engagement?
  • How to get my visitors to perform the desired action?
  • How to monitor and mesure the success of every piece of content you put out so you can improve?

WP BR basically tried to be the answer to all these questions. If you’ve ever felt that content marketing is a tedious process that’s too complicated for you, then this might be your opportunity to hop on board.

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My WP Blog Rocket Bonus Package

I don’t promote the junk that gets launch pretty much everyday on the WF, Clickbank and JVzoo. But when I find something worthy of that, I try to make sure you get the most out of your investment. There is a lot that vouches for WP BR and that’s why I am offering a bonus package for those who buy through me. This has been put together in conjunction with Sean to make sure you get tools that compliment this outstanding wordpress plugin.

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